2019-2020 Teams


Stella A.

Dair B. *Co-Captain *Ensemble

Kate C.

Avery C. *Co-Captain *Ensemble

Hardin H. *Captain *Ensemble

Melanie K.

Elle M.

Ava R. *Ensemble

Ellis S.

Lulu W. *Ensemble


Smith B.

Tatum C.

Kendall M.

Laia O.

Emme O.

Charlotte T. *Lieutenant

Annie W.


Jettie C. *Ensemble

Helene C.

Vivian D.

Grace D.

Lizzie G. *Ensemble

Brandon Leigh L. *Lieutenant *Ensemble

Cameron L. *Ensemble

Adele S. *Ensemble

Aiden T.

Priya W.


Lauren B.

Samantha C. *Ensemble

Calleigh C. *Ensemble

Annabel C.

Carson D. *Ensemble

Kennedy H. *Lieutenant *Ensemble

Emma H.

Avery J. *Ensemble

Charlotte L.

Lillian R. *Ensemble

Ellie S.

Whitney S.

Marlowe W.

Ellie W.


Zadie B.

Marin C.

Alice C.

Slater D.

Shaw D.

Grace H.

Payton J.

Hallie J.

Clary M.

Clementine M.

Ellie M.

Olivia N.

Olivia R.

Ella S. *Lieutenant

Monroe W.

Bea W. *Lieutenant


Marguerite C.

Eugenia C.

Adelaide C.

Georgia D.

Ashley F.

Hailey G.

Harper H.

Annie H.

Lauren K.

Maeve L.

Harper L.

Elle N.

Harper N.

Lillian O.

Emery S.

Eliza T.

Mira W.

Finley W.


Sasha B.

Circe B.

Hattie B.

Cora C.

Clara D.

Sophia G.

Katerina I.

Elliot L.

Macy M.

Adella O.

Molly P.

Anishka R.

Sutton R.

Leighton S.

Audrey S.


Entering in to its 13th season, Tarrytown DanceFORCE is our competition team for dancers who want to take their dedication and training to the next level. Team members compete regionally and perform at various events in Austin including their own January show, "Forceful.” They are also featured performers in the end-of-the-year Tarrytown Dance spring show. Our faculty is dedicated to seeing our dancers gain the experience and confidence to reach their high school or college dance team goals. The program is structured to focus on the foundations of clean technique and polished performance in a large-group setting, while offering additional opportunities for dancers to specialize in specific genres of dance by doing small solo, duet and ensemble pieces.

DanceFORCE is comprised of dancers 2nd to 10th grade. Most of our alumni have gone on to be members of their drill teams, and many have held officer positions on the Austin High School Red Jackets, Westlake High School Hyline, Lake Travis High School Cavalettes, Anderson High School Belles, and McCallum High School Blue Brigade. Some former DanceFORCE alumni have been members of the University of Texas Pom Squad, the Texas Christian University Showgirls, as well as cheering professionally for the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders and Houston Texans cheerleaders.

Team membership is a year-long commitment from June to May, during which time dancers will attend 3-4 competitions and 1 dance convention. DanceFORCE holds the Celebrity competition Studio Spirit award for 3 years running in addition to receiving multiple platinum awards, judges choice awards, overall high score awards, technical awards, and choreography awards from Celebrity Dance Competition, MA Dance & Drill Competition, V.I.P. Dance Competition, Encore Dance Competition, Hall Of Fame, Talent On Parade, Tremaine Dance Convention, Nuvo Dance Convention, and 24/Seven Dance Convention. 


DanceFORCE resident and guest Choreographers 

Leigh Simmons | Kerin Martinez | Sara Arnold | Stacey Arnold | Shelley Schmidt | Sophie Montemayor | Ryan Miller | Ryan Curren & Joe Gray | Helen Estrella | Alex Blitstein | Olivia Alvarez | Eugene Peabody | Jeremy Arnold | Kelly Katz | Raquel Medina | Matthew Gattozzi | Caroline Frankenfeld | Christina Beck | Danielle Kessler