Creative Movement

This class is for dancers age 2.5-3.5 who are dancing for the first time. Dancers will learn movement through creative exploration while fun themes and props keep the dancers' attention throughout the 45 minute class.

Ballet/Tap Combo

This combination class provides basic principles in ballet & tap to children ages 3 to 5. Dancers will learn ballet positions, ballet terminology, and elementary ballet movement such as plies, tendus, bourres, and passes. Students will learn simple tap steps such as shuffles and shuffle ball change.

Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo

This class teaches a combination of ballet, tap and jazz to expose dancers age 5-7 to a wide variety of dance styles. This class moves faster than BT Combo and is for dancers with at least one year experience or are starting dance at a later age.

Musical Theater

This class combines acting and dance by using jazz technique and steps with classic Broadway musical scores.  An emphasis is placed on performance, dance character, and confidence on stage.


We offer a classical ballet program to students 6 years and older. Dancers will learn ballet technique through barre and center work. Combinations will become progressively more complicated as the dancer excels.  Students who are ready for pointe work will be notified by the instructor.


This introductory class is for dancers who are at least 9 years old who have had several years of ballet experience. Dancers must be enrolled in at least 1 additional hour of ballet per week in addition to this class. This class will incorporate pointe work and strengthening exercises done solely at the ballet barre.


This class is for dancers who have been dancing on pointe shoes for at least 1 year. Dancers must also be enrolled in at least 1 additional hour of ballet per week. This class will incorporate pointe work at the barre and center floor.


Encompasses a high energy warm up, across the floor progressions and center floor combinations that highlight each individual instructor’s unique style of jazz.


A dance performed wearing shoes fitted with metal taps, characterized by rhythmical tapping of the toes and heels.


A combination of ballet, jazz, and modern technique.  It is more expressive in nature and relates to the freedom of the individual dancer.


This class will consist of strength training exercises that flow across a mat and will work up to a variety of tumbling passes including walk-overs and aerials.

Leaps & Turns

This is a technique only class (no performances) that focuses on increasing dancers’ knowledge and ability in jazz dance. The class includes a warm up, across the floor progressions and center floor to push dancers to the next level.

Drill Tech

This class focuses on preparing dancers for their middle and high school drill teams as well as helping current drill team members keep up their skills. Dancers will work on jazz technique, strengthen their ability to pick up choreography quickly, practice audition skills, and learn what to expect from tryouts.  Private lessons and one-on-one consultations are offered for current drill team members planning to audition to become officers of their high school drill teams.

Hip Hop

An urban dance style involving quick, sharp moves and athletic-type stunts.

Adult Fitness Classes

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